Welcome to Frost-Work Evergreens!!

Family owned and operated since 1992.


Our Christmas tree farm is called Frost-­Work Evergreens because we live on the bottom of a hill where we watch the late frosts roll down the hill onto the trees.

Our Christmas trees produce enough oxygen daily for about 200 people each day and filters carbon dioxide and other gases to help decrease the “green­house” effect. We have nature’s predator, the praying mantis, that helps to kill the aphids on the trees, rather than use pesticides. Our farm is home to many animals such as raccoon, rabbits, coyotes, red fox, ground hogs, squirrels, and white tail deer. We have even had a badger at one time. We feed the birds year around and have cedar waxwings, American goldfinch, purple finches, robins, hummingbirds, robins, nuthatch, bobwhite, woodpeckers, sparrows, doves, bluebirds, and turkeys.

So plan your trip today to come out and pick your Christmas Tree now!

– John & Shellie